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Access Design Services

Software development resembles other technical trades in many ways.​

Some things require a master, some a journeyman and some an apprentice. 

Challenges in Maintaining and Upgrading Access Databases

Many Microsoft Access database applications we encounter are outdated relics of the past. Developed years ago by inexperienced individuals, these applications are often cumbersome to navigate and even more challenging to maintain. Corporate IT departments are increasingly phasing out Access due to its outdated nature and lack of support. When the original developers depart, the burden falls on new developers to untangle the mess left behind.

Analogous to faulty house wiring, these antiquated databases may seem functional on the surface but hide underlying issues that become apparent over time. Upgrading to newer versions of Access can also pose significant challenges, as older code may not be compatible with modern versions, leading to system failures and data loss.

Solutions for Your Access Database Problems

Quotation Process: We offer a complimentary analysis of your application to provide a tailored quote. Our thorough assessment ensures accurate pricing, considering factors such as application complexity and required upgrades.

Package Quote: For critical systems, we offer comprehensive upgrade and modernization packages. These packages include services like super-decompilation to identify and fix deep-rooted issues, error trapping to prevent system crashes, and macro conversion to streamline code management.

User Interface Overhaul: Enhance user experience with redesigned forms optimized for modern monitors and intuitive navigation. We can also replace outdated navigation systems with custom office ribbons for a sleek, user-friendly interface.

Security Implementation: Ensure data security with user logins and role-based access control. Automatic logins can also be configured for seamless user authentication.

New Features Development: Leverage our 25 years of experience to develop new features quickly and efficiently. Our expertise in Access development allows us to implement advanced functionality cost-effectively.

While some options may not be necessary for every client, they offer valuable benefits for those seeking comprehensive database solutions. We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate varying project scopes and budgets. Choose Access Right for high-quality, reliable Access database services that prioritize your business needs.


Roles & Responsibilities


June 1992 - Present

  • Develops MS Access Applications for businesses for analysis and optimization or workflow and quality.

  • Experienced with SQL Server backend and mixed native/SQL table management.

  • Conducts training and consulting remotely and on-site for groups ranging in size from 1 – 30 users.

  • Creates all supporting documentation including instruction manuals and installation instructions.

  • Proficient at upgrading older databases and enhancing with current version capabilities.

  • Coordinates with IT departments to perform implementations and troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Manages outsourced development teams in India, Canada, and the Soviet Union.

  • Ported software through all versions from Access 1.1 (1993) through the most current version. Proficient with older versions Microsoft Access security model and associated MDW files. Develops newer version-compatible replacement code to ensure user-level security and privileges.

  • Wrote and maintained over 200,000 lines of VBA code in core applications.

  • Strong SQL skills, including complex SQL embedded in code and thousands of canned queries

  • Designed and maintained a user-friendly interface with logical organization and aesthetically appealing design.

  • Enabled multiple-user concurrency via split architecture.

  • Developed and maintained multiple user levels with dynamic ribbon (menu) adjustment per user level login.

  • Designed and built Microsoft Office™ interoperability system for data migration and manipulation via input/output to multi-tab Excel workbook (2-way synchronization between spreadsheet and database).

  • Developed a sophisticated reporting system to include output to Excel pivot-table charts and ad hoc queries.

  • Utilizes and modifies various 3rd party code and, including class modules, significantly upgrading them.

  • Developed a PC licensing system with control over user functions and database characteristics.

  • Developed companion applications including a quality assurance system with remote off-line operation and on-line synchronization when connection available. Synchronization includes graphic files as stored attachments, probably the only such Microsoft Access-based system in existence.

  • Migrating Access Databases to SQL-Server (back-end migrations) and connecting to MS Access.

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